About Clubs SA

Clubs SA is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1919 to represent the interests of licensed clubs in South Australia.

Licensed clubs are not for profit organisations that sell or supply liquor as part of a service to their members and the general public.  

A small percentage of Clubs SA members also have a gaming machine licence, and whilst these Members are valued Clubs SA Members, Clubs SA itself does not own or operate gaming machines, nor receive any funding through gaming.

Who We Are

Founded in 1919, Clubs SA is the trading name for the Licensed Clubs' Association of South Australia - the official industry body representing the interests of licensed Clubs in this State.  Our major platform has been to effect change to enable Clubs to become more self sufficient over the long term, and to also provide a recognised infrastructure for the active support and promotion of sport and community events across the Club industry.

Clubs SA is also affiliated to a national structure known as Clubs Australia. Comprising each State Association peak body, Clubs SA has always been an active member of this body since its inception in order to better represent the interests of its members at both local and national levels. Issues such as governance, licensing compliance, development of administration personnel, training, taxation, industrial relations, human resource management, fund-raising techniques, Club management, promotion of sport and recreation and other areas of collective concern are addressed.

Clubs SA's objects are to preserve, promote and advance the interests of member Clubs and the wider Club industry as a whole.  Clubs SA's membership comprises not-for-profit sporting, recreation, social and community licensed Clubs located throughout South Australia.

Our Mission

To provide leadership and guidance to promote, advance and support the Club industry in South Australia through:

  • being the effective and respected voice of Clubs in South Australia
  • the provision of high level and timely information, advice, products and services to Members
  • the provision of high quality customer service to Sponsors
  • representing the interests of Clubs to external stakeholders including State, Local and Federal Governments

Clubs SA Strategic Plan 2019 - 2021

As part of Clubs SA's ongoing endeavours to preserve, promote and advance the interests of member Clubs and the wider Club industry as a whole, the Clubs SA Board has created the attached "Clubs SA Strategic Plan 2019-2021".  As an effective and influential advocate for the Club industry, this document highlights Clubs SA's vision for the future of the Club industry.  The six Key Performance Areas clearly outline Clubs SA's goals and forward direction as we strive to continually improve the sustainability and welfare of Clubs throughout South Australia.

Clubs SA Strategic Plan 2019 - 2021

Clubs SA Constitution Licensed Clubs' Association of SA (as amended 20th November 2018)

Annual Reports