Club Safe

  • Club Safe is a responsible gambling initiative of Clubs SA and is the Clubs Early Intervention Agency.
  • Club Safe is also a recognised industry body under the Gaming Machines Act 1992
  • Club Safe was established to support Clubs that operate gaming machines by providing accredited training to Club gaming staff in the responsible provision of gambling and to foster a culture of responsible gambling within the licensed Club industry.

 Clubs SA is committed to promoting and developing the responsible delivery of gambling by its member clubs.  Club Safe, an initiative of Clubs SA, was established in 2006 to provide support to clubs with gaming machines and to maintain gaming as a safe and enjoyable activity for all patrons.

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Club Safe is a not-for-profit company managed by an independent Board, an Executive Officer and two Club Safe Officers. The Executive Officer is Mike Penfold and the Club Safe Officers are Tracey Cochrane and Giselle Berriman.

Club Safe's main objectives are:

  • to assist gaming staff to identify the early signs of potential problem gambling;
  • to empower gaming staff with the skills and knowledge to interact with patrons about potential problem gambling issues;
  • to build close relationships between gaming clubs and gambling help services; and
  • to help gaming clubs comply with gaming laws and regulations.

Club Safe assists gaming clubs to comply with the numerous requirements of the Gaming Machines Act 1992, Gaming Machines Regulations 2005, the mandatory Responsible Gambling and Advertising Codes of Practice, licence conditions and some aspects of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997.  

Club Safe also supports Clubs by providing regular updates on regulatory changes, routine audits for compliance with State regulations and general advice and assistance on gaming matters.

In May 2011, Club Safe was formally recognised by the Independent Gambling Authority as a recognised industry body for the purposes of the Gaming Machines Act 1992 ("the Act").  A club that is a party to and fully compliant with a responsible gambling agreement with Club Safe will enjoy certain exemptions and privileges from the Act and Codes of Practice.  Currently, every gaming club has a responsible gambling agreement with Club Safe.

The Agency works closely with Gambling Rehabilitation Fund (GRF) funded gambling help services, the office for Problem Gambling, the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner and other key stakeholders.

Responsible Gambling Training

Club Safe Officers Tracey Cochrane and Giselle Berriman are both qualified and experienced trainers.  Through Club & Hospitality Training Services, Tracey and Giselle deliver mandatory training courses required by the Responsible Gambling and Advertising Codes of Practice.  Bookings and enquiries can be made through Clubs SA on (08) 8290 2200 or via

Additional workshops are tailored to suit the needs of individual clubs.  These workshops are offered wherever and whenever they are required.  The workshops are informative, interactive and include the compelling stories of patrons who have first-hand experience of the harm caused by problem gambling.  Often, attendees will also meet with counsellors and support workers from the gambling help services, allowing for open discussion and familiar point of contact for advice and referral.

To date, many hundreds of gaming staff have attended these workshops; demonstrating the commitment of Club Safe and gaming clubs to fostering responsible gambling in South Australia.

Downloadable Forms for Gaming Clubs

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Club Safe Contact Details

Address: Clubs SA House 222a Henley Beach Rd TORRENSVILLE SA 5031

Phone: (08) 8290 2200 

Executive Officer:              

Mike Penfold

Club Safe Officers:          

Tracey Cochrane: 0407 273 344

Giselle Berriman: 0448 273 322

Industry Links

Liquor and Gambling Commissioner

The Liquor and Gambling Commissioner is responsible for the administration of a number of Acts covering the liquor and gambling industries.  The functions of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner are administered from within the Consumer and Business Services Division of the Attorney General's Department.


Gambling Help Online

Gambling Help Online offers live counselling and email support from qualified, experienced counsellors for gamblers and their families, and a wealth of information for health professionals.


 Problem Gambling SA

The Problem Gambling SA web site contains a wealth of information about gambling, problem gambling and the help services available.  It is provided by the Office for Problem Gambling (OPG), and funded by the Gamblers Rehabilitation Fund (GRF).

The GRF was established in 1994 to fund programs and initiatives which aim to minimise problem gambling and offer services to those affected by a gambling problem. The GRF is funded by contributions from Clubs SA, the Australian Hotels Association (SA), Adelaide Casino and the South Australian Government.  The current funding available to the GRF is around $6.5m.

The GRF is administered by the Office for Problem Gambling within the Department for Families and Communities and supports the Gambling Help Services, the 24-hour Gambling Help Line, community education programs, research and evaluation.

 Independent Gaming Corporation

The Independent Gaming Corporation (IGC) was established by the hotel and club industries to provide a secure, central computer monitoring facility for the management of gaming machines in South Australian hotels and clubs.

In 1993, the IGC was awarded the monitor licence under the Gaming Machines Act 1992.

The IGC is a non-profit company, limited by guarantee and jointly owned by the AHA (SA) and the Licensed Clubs Association of SA.