Clubs & Community Awards

This year we are pleased to introduce a number of Community categories to further celebrate the incredible work South Australian Licensed Clubs undertake for their communities.

We will also continue to recognise excellence in hospitality operations, the individuals responsible for supporting and driving their Clubs success and of course the all important 'Club of the Year' Awards.

Being a nominee in any of the19 categories available in this year's Awards  provides a wonderful opportunity to promote your Club, celebrate the work it (and the individuals within it) does for the Community, along with being part of the industry camaraderie and friendly competition at the Annual Gala Dinner.

Each category provides a specific list of questions to best draw out the information our judging panel will need when adjudicating.  These questions are based on information that is easy to access for all Clubs, whilst also providing space and opportunity to 'boast' about the Club that you and your Members are so incredibly proud of.

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 Nominations for the 2022 Clubs & Community Awards close on Monday 11th July at 5pm.