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H&L partners with Accounts Flow to streamline invoicing for Clubs

H&L Australia have partnered with Accounts Flow to create a seamless invoicing module aimed at reducing time spent entering and reconciling invoices.

 Designed to save clubs time and money, venues can accept electronic invoices directly from suppliers into their H&L system – so there’s no longer a need to import files or enter data manually.

 Upon email notification, it is just a matter of opening Sysnet to find the invoices already there, waiting on approval and processing. 

 H&L’s Accounts Flow Interface simplifies and reduces the amount of time taken to receive goods and process invoices into the H&L system.

 Current suppliers include: ALM,  CUB, Lion Nathan and more are now joining the Accounts Flow system.

 So why should you change from entering your invoices manually? 

  • Accounts Flow is timely and accurate

An eInvoice is processed instantly, just check the totals match and process no more laboriously, entering a code, quantity the cost, this is all done automatically and without any intervention required ie no manual data entry or import of files. This also means no chance of keying errors etc. 

  • Improved Stock Control
    All products are matched to the correct weights and sizes and entered into stock immediately, therefore more time can be devoted to ensure correct pricing and adequate and accurate stock holdings and management has up to date stock and recipe costs, as well as money in the bank. 
  • It’s Environmentally Friendly
    The whole process is 100% paperless 
  • It’s Affordable

The accounts flow interface is inexpensive at only $15.00 per week. 

  • It’s Easy to Integrate

To automatically receive invoices, sign up with Accounts Flow and H&L will install and configure the required services.  Then it’s simply a matter of selecting the suppliers who you wish to receive eInvoices and if a supplier is not on the list, Accounts Flow will make contact with them to arrange integration.


If you like the idea of downloading electronic invoices into your POS system you can get started now by submitting your details to http://goo.gl/aUdQCi and pay only $10 inc GST for your first 4 weeks! 


Contact Details:

Craig Hese
H&L Australia

M: 0420 348 947
E: chese@hlaustralia.com.au