Licensed Clubs in South Australia

04 January 2017

Licensed Clubs in South Australia

In September 2016, Clubs Australia released the “2015 National Clubs Census.”  This Report provides a “snapshot” of the licensed Club industry across Australia.

The independent reviewer, KPMG, received data and commentary from Clubs of all shapes and sizes. This information was then analysed to determine and highlight any industry trends, risks and opportunities faced by the Club sector.

The statistics in their own right make for interesting reading, particularly from a South Australian viewpoint. 

There are 1,272 licensed Clubs in South Australia.  This is the greatest number of Clubs per capita in Australia. 

Those Clubs employ 19,800 people, with 5,500 employed in Regional areas!

Licensed Clubs in SA are significant contributors to the payment of tax with over $90 million paid to all levels of Government via GST, payroll and excises.

South Australian Clubs are not for profit entities that provide a huge range of services and support to their Members, guests and the wider community.  Revenue earnt from these services totalled $624 million, with much of this money going back into the South Australia community.

South Australian Clubs are also a very generous lot!

It has been estimated that SA Clubs provided $918 million in:

Volunteer Assistance  Almost 39,000 South Australians volunteered their time in their local Club.  The value of this effort relating to trading activities and facilities management totalled $116 million.

Cash and In-kind Donations  SA Clubs donated $10 million to many community organisations and charities across SA.  This included direct cash donations as well as in-kind support through the provision of goods and services.

Subsidised Access to Facilities  $792 million was provided by SA Clubs to local communities through subsidised access to social and recreational facilities.

Unfortunately not all was good news.

The Report also highlighted the struggle that South Australian Clubs are presently enduring.  Most SA Clubs displayed some level of financial distress (21%) and/or serious distress (49%).

This is an alarming and disturbing figure.  As South Australian Clubs are:

100% locally owned; and

100% locally operated; and

100% not for profit; and

100% South Australian

This level of financial distress experienced by Clubs must be recognised by all levels of Government with a view to assisting Clubs in every possible way.


Mike Penfold

CEO, Clubs SA