Fleurieu visits

21 September 2018

Fleurieu visits

Clayton Bay Boat Club has been in existence for 45 years, growing from a few locals with a love of the water to today's membership of 240. 

The club welcomes people with not only boats but yachts, power boats and jet skis. All ages are welcome too with many teenagers and young families involved and the oldest member is a sprightly 86 years old. Pirate Day in January is always a success with activities for kids both on and off the water.

Dogs are welcome too as we can see here with Rocky the German Shepherd who is ready for his first trip on the water!

The club is in a beautiful quiet location on the Murray with the Coorong, Goose, Goat and Rat Islands close by.

If you happen to be in the area on the first weekend of the month, call in - they hold a BBQ and it's a lovely spot to unwind.