Annual General Meeting Clubs SA 2019

10 September 2019

Annual General Meeting Clubs SA 2019


Date:                    Wednesday 27th November 2019  

Time:                    3:30pm

Venue:                 Club West Lakes

The Annual General Meeting will follow the next Clubs SA’s Members Forum to be conducted on the afternoon of that day.



Member Clubs are reminded that they are entitled to be represented at the Annual General Meeting by their delegate(s), who can speak and vote at the meeting.

Member Associations are entitled to the number of delegates as categorised by the Board.

Clubs are requested to complete a ‘Confirmation of Delegate/s’ form and return it to Clubs SA by Monday 14th October. (Refer to the Clubs SA website to download a form).

Closer to the AGM members will be requested to indicate whether their delegate/s will be attending the AGM.

Should your delegate/s not be able to attend the AGM you are encouraged to submit a proxy (see below).



Where a delegate/s is unable to attend the AGM, a Member club is able to grant a proxy to the chair of the meeting by completing and returning an ‘Appointment of Proxy’ form to the Clubs SA office by Monday 25th November.

Proxy forms will become available (from the Clubs SA website or via post/email) when the business of the AGM, including motions submitted by Members, has been finalised.

Members will have the option of directing their votes on one or more items of business or granting discretion to the chair to vote on their behalf.

Note:  Proxies are restricted to the business of the AGM and will not be available for Board elections. Details on the election (if required) will be provided once nominations have closed. (see below)


Board Nominations and Elections

At the 2018 AGM a revised Constitution was adopted.

The Board of Clubs SA will now comprise five (5) elected Directors and up to three (3) appointed Directors.

An explanation of the process of transition from the current Executive Committee structure to the revised Board (‘Governance Provisions Adopted on 20 November 2018’) is available on the Clubs SA website.

Nominations are now open for all five elected Director positions.

Member Clubs are entitled to nominate one or more member for election to the Board by completing a ‘Nomination for Clubs SA Board’ form for each nominee. (Refer to the Clubs SA website to download form)  

Nomination for election as Director is open to any member of a Member Club or Association.



Nominees are encouraged to provide a statement of up to 200 words and a ‘passport’ photo in support of their nomination, to be published on the Clubs SA website and the 2019 Clubs SA Annual Report.

Nominations must be received by the Clubs SA office by Monday 14th October.

Should there be more than five nominations for election, a secret ballot of Member clubs will be conducted, for which details will be provided following close of nominations.


Notice of Motion

Should your Club wish to place a motion on the agenda for consideration at the AGM, please complete and return a ‘Notice of Motion’ form to the Clubs SA office by Monday 14th October. (Refer to the Clubs SA website to download forms)


Website Information

A copy of all material related to the above is available under the following links on the Clubs SA website

Confirmation of Delegate/s formNomination for Clubs SA Board formGuidance for Board Nominees Governance Provisions Adopted on 20 November 2018 information     Notice of Motion form

The AGM agenda, Annual Report, Statement of Accounts and Board election information (if needed) will be available to all Members on the website 21 days prior to the AGM. However a hard of any document can be made available on request to the Clubs SA office.


Note that:

  1. All forms can be lodged by scanned email attachment to or by mail to Clubs SA, 222a Henley Beach Rd, TORRENSVILLE SA 5031.
  2. The Annual General Meeting is open to any person with a connection to or interest in activities of Clubs SA. However only authorised delegates are permitted to speak and to vote.