ICM Supporting Clubs in South Australia

02 July 2020

ICM Supporting Clubs in South Australia

ICM Construction is a commercial builder based in SA specialising in hospitality refurbishment and extensions.

Established 3 years ago, ICM quickly gained a foothold by delivering projects on time and on budget. Many clients came to us after years of disappointment with established builders failing to live up to their promises. 

As a young and enthusiastic company, ICM offer Clubs the advantage of personal contact with it's Directors who retain a “hands-on” presence on every project. ICM place an emphasis on working in collaboration with Clubs and their consultant team.

ICM commit to approaching projects with humility – egos won’t get in the way of project delivery. They will do what it takes to get the job done on time and on budget with no surprises.  If problems arise, the ICM team will raise them with the Club directly and present a range of options for the path forward.

Both Clubs SA and ICM are committed to advancing the interests of members.  Clubs SA does this in a policy and regulatory sense, ICM does this through the delivery of excellent construction outcomes.

ICM decided to become a Platinum Partner as this level of investment best represents their commitment to Clubs SA and their members. Key to the successful partnerships to date has been ICM's

ability to complete renovation and refurbishment projects on time and on budget.

All their projects are delivered in a “live” environment – the clubs remain open to reduce the interruption to trade.  They work closely with the Club Manager and/or Committee to schedule high impact work outside of operating hours.  This is our light footprint methodology – we minimise disruption to members – many of them do not even know we are there.

ICM believes Community Clubs provide more than a place to meet – their goal is to be fully integrated into the local community.  They do this by supporting local community groups beyond the Clubs’ walls.

In life you do not get many opportunities to work with such a dedicated group of people.  ICM have found that Clubs not only provide excellent facilities to members but also to unite and strengthen communities by supporting local groups.

ICM are proud to partner with Community Clubs in the delivery of great facilities that provide benefits to the wider community.  Many of the Clubs that ICM have worked with are looking to improve facilities for members.  When membership numbers grow, the Clubs can provide more funds to community sport and activities.

If your Club is looking to make improvements, extend or rebuild, you can contact David Angus from ICM on 0429 456 605.  For more information visit www.icmco.com.au