Stoddart - Keeping Your Venue Operational, No Matter the Scenario

06 August 2020

Stoddart - Keeping Your Venue Operational, No Matter the Scenario

For Restricted Dine-In Operations

From the moment patrons enter your venue, providing sanitisation facilities is essential in fulfilling COVID Safe guidelines. The Stoddart range of hand sanitiser stations and Sanipure hand sanitiser refills will assist in fulfilling this essential resource in your venue.

Whilst venues can still have patrons, sitting or standing, the focus on food quality is still a high priority – which means having the right cooking equipment for the job. Producing golden, crispy chips with Anets fryer systems; or the perfect steak cooked on an American Range gas line-up will impress your patrons and ensure ongoing patronage.

Keeping cups, plates and cutlery washed and sanitised is a must for all foodservice venues. Thanks to the atmospheric/open booster hydraulics in Electrolux Professional range of warewashing equipment, sanitisation is guaranteed by rinse water temperature and pressures kept at constant high levels by the atmospheric circuit – equipped with rinse booster pump and air gap.


For Takeaway and Delivery Restrictions

If the time comes where pubs and clubs need to revert back to takeaway and delivery operations, Stoddart has the equipment to assist in this adaption - ensuring that your customers receive food that is at the highest quality and at the safe temperature required.

CookTek Thermal Delivery Systems are used by many businesses that deliver hot food products. These include systems for pizza delivery and for other types of food container sizes. The bags are heated in less than 3 minutes and are designed to hold hot meals at temperatures over 68 °C for extended periods of time.

A range of Culinaire products are available for keeping food hot while waiting for delivery staff, including Vertical Hot Cupboards, Banquet Carts, and Warmer Drawers made to accommodate takeaway bags.

The Metro Mightylite pan carrier range is a multi-function food carrying system, for both hot and cold food items. The MightyLite range is ultra-light and durable, with an insulation that keeps food safe for 5+ hours. Integrated handles make lifting and carrying easy.


No matter what happens, prepare your venue with a range of Stoddart equipment. Our exclusive offer for Clubs SA members – Arrange a no-obligation site visit from a Stoddart representative to assess your kitchen equipment needs.

Contact the Stoddart Adelaide office on or call 08 8187 4502.