Member Visits

10 December 2021

Member Visits

We've spent this week catching up with our Members in the top half of the Eyre Peninsula and what a hive of activity it was!

Many people who volunteer at the local Clubs on the Eyre are involved in some way or another with farming the land. The recent rains there have mean it is an even more urgent task to get the crops reaped. It was therefore especially appreciated when so many of our Members took the time to meet.

We provided many resources such as Risk Assessment & Management Plan templates, signage, step by step guides to LGO applications including Change Your Committee etc and talked through all things compliance.

Of course, questions around COVID came up, particularly around the decision making process on whether to mandate proof of vaccination as a condition of entry.

We at Clubs SA completely understand how difficult and complex this issue is so please feel free to call and talk things through if needed.

This was the last big trip of 2021 and was as enjoyable as always. It is so good to catch up with old friends and put faces to the newer voices we've talked with throughout the year.

We look forward to assisting you throughout 2022 when there will be many changes to legislation.

We've just seen the release of new Lottery Regulations, the Liquor Licensing Act is also being amended once more and the Incorporated Associations legislation has undergone a major overhaul.

The amendments will be introduced next year with the Club’s constitution being a major focus. 

As always, Clubs SA will have all the latest information to share with you and provide assistance when this significant legislative reform is introduced.