An Operational Health Check List for Your Club Thanks to Perks

29 April 2022

An Operational Health Check List for Your Club Thanks to Perks


Accurate & Timely Read on Operations

By having well maintained books and processes, you will gain a clearer picture on your financial operating position. In addition, by having the added benefit of centralising your information into a cloud-based system means that you can access information on your business real-time, enabling you to make well informed decision or pivot where necessary.



An experienced bookkeeping supplier should be equipped to work with you in any number of ways - whether it be the full outsourcing of your accounts and bookkeeping functions, or taking care of a single component of the bookkeeping function; whatever suits your overall needs. And if your needs change, your bookkeeping partner should have the ability to scale accordingly and in a timely fashion.


Banking & Finance

Review your Club’s loan facilities

A review of existing banking facilities will make you aware if the current rates you are being charged are competitive. It will also help you to understand if you are providing too many assets as security. Enlisting the services of a Banking & Finance professional can not only save your resources but provide peace of mind they can expertly negotiate a rate and banking facilities that are tailored to your Club’s needs. They can also prepare a detailed application for you if the need to refinance is required.



Policies, Procedures & Employment Contracts

Having clear and robust employment contracts and HR polices and procedures in place is not only best practice but is also an important safeguard for your Club in the event of workplace disputes or disciplinary issues. It is important they are tailored for your Club and are updated in the event of changes to workplace laws to ensure they remain current and compliant.



When employing staff, one of the most important steps any organisation must take is to ensure that it complies with any relevant Awards, and that it is reflected in your payroll. As an employer, knowing what your obligations are in relation to minimum wages, overtime, penalty rates, allowances and classifications is critical to ensure compliance and protect your Club from costly underpayment claims. As Awards are complex and often difficult to interpret, it pays to have a professional HR Consultant interpret any Awards that are unclear.