Time to Check Compliance

13 September 2023

Time to Check Compliance

We're almost ready to say goodbye to the winter sports. Some Clubs may already have finished up for the season, with others still hard at work with finals.

Summer sports are dustng themselves off in readiness for season start.

Either situation is the ideal time to give compliance at your Club a checkover. This can be liquor, governance, WHS, food safety .... it's becoming a very long list isn't it?

Clubs SA can assist in all these areas so please get in touch if you have questions, need templates, would like us to lodge your committee changes etc.

We had the youngest member of staff at Clubs SA busy today..delivering info to some of our Members. Finn hasn't quite mastered the holding of documents yet without chewing them but we're working on it!

He was very taken with David, Nick and Trevor at Hope Valley Bowling Club. The gentlemen are looking forward to the season starting next month and were making the most of this beautiful Spring weather.

We delivered resources but didn't stay for the bowling though: being a border collie Finn, would have had great fun herding the bowling balls and would have worn out his welcome pretty fast!