Eyre Peninsula

11 December 2023

Eyre Peninsula

We spent last week visiting our Members in the Far North and West, including Western United Tigers.

This sporting Club is our most far flung Member and is a vibrant, well supported Club which provides many great facilities for the local community including tennis, netball and football as well as a playground and a great gathering spot.

As always, it's great to see and hear what our Members are up to and of course, help with any questions they have. Unsurprisingly, food safety was a frequent topic, along with the badges that approved committee members can wear  when overseeing the Club in the position of responsible person.

Fortunately, we just about avoided the storm that is still sweeping across SA, although the dry lightening and rolling thunder made the last night less than restful one!

We will have a selection of photos in the first KIT of 2024 to show off these wonderful people and their Clubs.